NME Awards Tour – Cardiff SU Great Hall

20th Feb 2008 was the night of the NME awards tour, the usual Indie music tour, not really my kind of thing but the lighting wasn’t too bad, makes it a lot more fun! The Cribs were headlining, but first up were Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong. Then Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Does It Offend You, Yeah? Singer

What’s up with bands with such long names? Above singer from Does it offend

The headliners The Cribs the took to the stage.

Cribs drummer

Drummer shots rarely get into publications but I always like to get a couple, sometimes they work out. Perou originally gave me the inspiration to look beyond the lead singer and guitarists! It’s always a challenge to get focous on the drummer amongst the kit, but it worked out here.

Cribs bass player

Can’t remember too much of the gig, and forgot to write anything down at the time, hence the sparse wording! A couple of these appeared in Quench issue 64.

Cribs lead singer

The Cribs are are actually quite listenable

Cribs bass player singing

The great thing about shooting gig photography is that exposes you to a lot of music that you would otherwise not listen to. I don’t tend to listen to the radio a whole bunch due to not wanting to listen to the rambling of most DJ’s and the lack of fresh, good music. Sometimes you can miss a band which you really like.

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