Canon S100 ‘Point and Shoot’ camera review


For a long time I have wanted something in between my iPhone and my digital SLR which produced photographs that were of print quality. Often when I am traveling it is not practical to carry a digital SLR all the time, or don’t want to attract attention by taking out a large ‘professional’ looking camera.

The iPhone camera is great, and serves it’s purpose. But the image quality even on the latest iPhone 4 just isn’t quite there, especially in difficult low light situations.

I have had various other cheaper point and shoot cameras over the years, but I wanted a Camera that I can easily put in my pocket but know that the end result would have the potential to make prints from. The new Canon S100 seemed to meet my requirements so I took the plunge… Here are my thoughts.

Camera specs

  • High-sensitivity 12.1 MP Canon CMOS
  • HS System with DIGIC 5
  • Ultra-wide 24mm, f/2.0, 5x zoom lens. Intelligent IS
  • Lens Control Ring, NR control and RAW
  • GPS tracking
  • Full HD 1080p video, HDMI output
  • Large 7.5 cm (3.0″) LCD
  • Up to ISO 6400

Taken from Canon S100 webpage, full specifications there

Sample images

These are un-edited JPEGs from the camera. Click to view the full size images.

Pizza shot with in natural light – 1/60s F/2.0 and ISO800

Ski slope – ISO 80, 1/1250s, F/4.5

Mountain view – ISO 80, 1/320s, f/5,9

Headphone – ISO 400, 1/60s f/2.0


  • Fits in your pocket
  • Fast F/2.0 aperture at wide end
  • RAW files
  • Great image quality at lower ISOs
  • Acceptable image quality at ISO 1600
  • GPS is a great feature
  • Good sold built quality
  • Responsive controls and no waiting for RAW file writes
  • Video looks great
  • Built in ND filter
  • Wide 24mm lens


  • Small sensor, so limited depth of field
  • Expensive
  • Lens is slow when zoomed in (F/5.9 at long end)
  • Function dial and shutter button are the wrong way round in my opinion!!
  • Lacks custom functions available on DSLRs (considering price)
  • Battery life isn’t great
  • No optical view finder

All content and pictures Copyright Ed Salter 2012. No re-use without permission.

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