Building the ‘Big Cliff’

Andy Hulbert skating

I have been shooting a lot more film lately, this is my latest role to be developed, it’s an out of date role of Kodak Plus. Above Andy shreds the skull bowl. All the pictures are straight from the scanner, refreshing compared to digital!

Andy Hulbert portrait Steve Longman  O'Gorman portrait

Portraits of Andy and Steve, who was down for the weekend.

Matt Jones downtable at the spot

Matt Jones also came down with Steve, the out of date film has created some pretty unusual sky colours.

Nighttime building at the spot

The big cliff at the top of the end of the Spot seemed to come out of nowhere but is a lot of fun

Nighttime building at the spot

Steel work at the spot

Metal works…

Blitz portrait

Blitz chilling, I really like the flare on the Olympus 50mm

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