Portraits on the London Eye

Editorial photo for Merlin Entertainments, on their attraction the London Eye

One of the things I really enjoy about taking photos is the interesting¬†locations you (sometimes) get to shoot at. I was asked to take some portraits for Merlin Entertainment on location at the London Eye, and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Each rotation takes about 25 minutes so I had to get setup, pose the group in various different configurations, and get group and individual¬†photos all in that time. Added to that the desired background, the Houses Of Parliament would only be in shot for a fraction of that time…

From a technical perspective I knew that I would not really have time to set up a lot of lights inside the capsule, so I used on camera flash and a large foldaway silver reflector to illuminate the subjects against the background, this helped to separate them from the background.

Big thanks to Lauren for sorting this out!

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