Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Floating market

Having left the village huts we were staying in we got a boat nearby to travel up river to the floating markets. People from around the whole Mekong Delta bring their produce here by boat and sell it on the river.


There were amazing colours and textures all along the river banks, the buildings looking like they were slowly being absorbed back into the river itself. Many people used to live on the river itself, fishing to eat. However in the last 10 or so years over fishing and catching fish which are pregnant has led to a significant drop in fish stocks and thus a change in life for these people. The government is trying to tackle the issues, but the problem continues.

Floating marketFloating market

Floating market Floating market

Floating marketFloating market Floating market mekong-delta-2785 Boy fishing in river by hand mekong-delta-2792


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