Nha Trang boat trip – Vietnam


Over the years I have been on quite a few tourist boat trips, so I wasn’t expecting too much form this one, but it turned out to be both fun and educational. We started off by crossing the bay to a nearby island where we walked through the back streets visiting the local houses and a hospital. The locals collect rain water as there is no fresh water pipe to the main land and transporting it over in bulk is very expensive.

Nha-Trang-boat-trip-2897 Nha-Trang-boat-trip-2899 Nha-Trang-boat-trip-2902 Nha-Trang-boat-trip-2905

This kid was hauling water up from a well with great gusto alongside his brother.


After crossing the island we had a short ride with a local in a bamboo boat. These tiny boats are only big enough for 3 or so people and are really quite amazing! They are weaved from bamboo and then covered in various water buffalo feces until water tight.

Nha-Trang-boat-trip-2919 Nha-Trang-boat-trip-2928 Nha-Trang-boat-trip-3000

Me taking a dive in, thanks Nak for the photo


The group having a swim

Nha-Trang-boat-trip-3041 Nha-Trang-boat-trip-3056

After a great day we headed back to shore, taking in the approaching city scape and cable car across to the amusement park.

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