Hoi An to Hue mountain hop – Vietnam


Prior to a tunnel through the mountain being built the mountain pass between Hoi An and Hue was the main way to get to Nothern Vietnam, so the Americans built heavy battlementsĀ on top of the hill. The mountain pass is free whereas the tunnel is a toll so a lot of locals still have to ride up the steep twisting slopes in all weathers on their tiny motorbikes.

hoi-an-to-hue-3658 hoi-an-to-hue-3666 hoi-an-to-hue-3669


Shops perchecd in the clouds

Shops perchecd in the clouds

hoi-an-to-hue-3683 hoi-an-to-hue-3685

Cattle in the road

Cattle in the road

Temple in the hills


Hotel room view in Hue

hoi-an-to-hue-3732Next I was off on another sleeper train to the famous Harlong bay.



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