Marble carvings – Vietnam

Marble carving

Whilst driving between Halong Bay and Hanoi we stopped at a stone and marble carving center where you could spend a couple of thousand dollars to purchase an intricately carved marble statue. I resisted the temptation but did take the opportunity to get a few snaps of the masons at work… One of the more amusing things that was pointed out to me was a poster depicting happy customers from around the world, with their address and phone number pinned to a wall… I’m not sure¬†having paid tens of thousands of dollars I would want it broadcast to the world in this way… But apparently a common introductory question in Vietnam is to ask how much you earn…

Marble carving workshop

The difference between the chaos of the workshop here, and the organised display of the finished statues across the yard was quite striking.


A scene of some of the finished statues. The level of detail in these intricately carved statues was stunning.

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