Ljubljana – Slovenia

Overview of Ljubljana from the castle

In June I visited Slovenia, originally going for a friend’s stag do but I arrived a day early to get a feel of the city before the stag commenced. I didn’t know a lot about Slovenia, but I quickly learned that Slovenia is known for it’s beautiful lakes and landscapes. It turns out there are also a lot of fine buildings and many beautiful squares separated by the winding river in the capital Ljubljana. Looking down from the castle that sits above the city I was struck by the contrast of the orange roofs against the turquoise of the river and trees.

I wandered around the town before heading up to the castle which sits high above the city and provides stunning views across the city and into the distance of the small country of Slovenia. Every restaurant and bar we went to the people were very welcoming, surprising as at this point there were 12 of us turning up without booking anything! I can throughly recommend the local bread with soft white cheese in it, the perfect way to start the day.

Ljubljana castle

Spiral staircase in Ljubljana castle

Underground reservoir beneath Ljubljana castle

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