Lake Bohinj and Mostnice waterfall, Slovenia

Hut on the way up to Mostnice waterfall

After a few days celebrating for my friend’s stag do in Ljubljana I headed to Lake Bohinj on my own to explore the beautiful countryside of Slovenia. I didn’t have a lot of time unfortunately, so I just walked around the lake and up into the nearby mountains for a few days staying in a basic but very nice room in a guest house. The landscapes of Slovenia are of the purest and greenest colors I think I have even seen, I guess especially as this was earlier in the year. Small huts dotted the landscape as you headed further away from civilisation and into the looming mountains above.

View from mountain restaurant

There were a few restaurants and guest houses actually on the lower parts of the mountains which served some great food but played some very questionable ‘Euro’ music… But the view and the strudel made up for the dodgy tunes!

Forest lizard

Whilst walking I came across several of these guys making their way around the hillsides.

View from the ‘devils bridge’

Several times one crossed streams and it was hard to believe just how clear and blue the water was. You didn’t have to look for long to see quite large fish swimming under rocks.

Lake Bohinj at sunset

Stream at dusk

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