Cardiff Fashion Week show


Oceana played host to the first of the hopefully bi-annual Caridff Fashion Week taster. The Ice Room was pretty well filled where several local designers displayed their clothes.

Group catwalk


Fashion umbrellas

Fashion socialiasing

CUTV were also filming some pieces for interviews. It would be great it Cardiff Fashion Week were to take off, there are some really talented designers in Cardiff and it’s fantastic to see their wares being put out there.

4 Responses to “Cardiff Fashion Week show”

  1. Jenna Jardine Says:

    Hi There

    I was one of the deigners at the cardiff fashion show..they called me Jenna Jay (not my choice 🙂
    anyway i was wondering if you took any photos of my range which was the one with the victorian/military corsets,if so would I be able to order them from you?


  2. Ed Says:

    Hi Jardine,

    I will have a look for you and give you an e-mail back about it, I probably do!



  3. Jaymin Says:

    Hi Ed

    I own the store seven clothing and the mens clothes were provided by us and wondering if you had any photos of the guys??

    Thanks in advanced


  4. Ed Says:

    Yes I do, I will e-mail you about how to get hold of them.