Sony Foam City Advert

Sony have become quite well known for their style of advertising for their digital camera and video equipment. The advertisement that really caught my initially was the paint explosions, their latest video continues on a similar very large scale premise of “lets see what happens if we take a cool idea and make it huge!”

Their latest advert doesn’t quite live up to the previous ones in my opinion, but is still a lot of fun and just goes to show what you can do with an idea and big budget… Not quite sure what the advert is supposed to say about their new cameras though, that they are foam proof?!

This is an interesting making of video. Seven and a half minutes to make all that foam, insane! I just hope the extras got to have a foam party in it afterwards and it didn’t all go to waste.

Maybe foam machines will become the next big thing in the world of Strobist and replace the in-famous smoke machine?

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