Cardiff vs. Swansea Varsity crowd and cheerleaders

Alongside taking photos of the Rugby action I thought I would also put up some other photos of the Varsity action which went on.

There are also photos of the Varsity Rugby match itself here.

The Cardiff snake charmers put on a good show, and there were hundreds of them!!

The Cardiff crowd was massive and loud. The biggest cheers of the night were given to the numerous streakers.

Cardiff celebrating a well deserved victory, lets hope they continue with the success into the future!

I had been looking forward to taking this shot, finally getting to put the fisheye to use on something other than BMX and skating… I have handed my dissertation in finally, so expect updates to be a little more regular.

There are more photos below, click on a thumbnail to see the rest of the gallery.

One Response to “Cardiff vs. Swansea Varsity crowd and cheerleaders”

  1. Gwilym Conran Says:

    Absolutely top photos mate. Really brilliant.