Duffy – Cardiff students union

I had heard of Duffy’s name, but not her music so was quite excited to see if she lived up to the hype! I wasn’t disapointed, I was truly wowed by it. Only got to do two songs in the pit instead of the usual three, there was a lot of blue light too!

It was amazing to see such a small dainty girl produce such a rich rounded voice, well worth seeing even if it’s not your usual cup of tea. She had a cool dress too! It is great to go and see acts who I wouldn’t normally consider seeing, and finding something new.

Still at SWNS in Bristol having a good time chasing after various people and hanging out on the beach… Will put some of them up in the next week or so I expect. Adam Gasson is now the king of all papers, having conqured even the Guardian double page spread, well done Adam!

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