Leather Jackets photoshoot

Last week had a fun shoot with Jim to photograph 19 different types of leather jackets for Black Scissor tailoring. I have put a couple of my favourites up here, each jacket was shot from 3 different angles.

Leather jackets are not an item of clothing which I normally wear but there were some really nice designs in the collection.

The client had asked for an urban look for the shoot, and found a great location, a dis-used housing estate just outside of Cardiff.

There were so many cool places to shoot, it made the whole process really fun. A big thanks to Jim for modelling at short notice and doing a stellar job!

I always forget to get set-up shots, but here is one for once! Each jacket had quite different features which needed to be captured. I used a mixture of natural sunlight and strobe for the shoot, depending on the particular location. Here two flashes are being used.

If you would like to purchase a jacket, you can go on Black Scissor tailoring‘s website. Next week I will be in Bristol taking photos, looking forward to that.

6 Responses to “Leather Jackets photoshoot”

  1. onur Says:

    i love jacket

  2. jefrey villanueva Says:

    hey,, how much for the jacket? the second picture, looks nice..

  3. Ed Says:

    Please contact black scissors tailoring for pricing details. Thanks

  4. amit Says:

    i want these jackets

  5. NICK Says:

    I CANT’ FIND black scissors tailoring WEBSITE ,

  6. Ed Says:

    Sorry I don’t have contact details for them anymore