Abi Penhale – Location shoot

Recently Abi and I went and shot some photos for her book, for once the English weather proved to be nice enough that we could shoot out side, in the sun! A rare treat this year… Rather than shoot in the studio got out on location around Oxfordshire.

I shot using just a long lens (Canon 70-200mm f/2.8) and no flash. The result are really natural looking photos, and quite different to most of my other fashion photos. Deffinatley something I am going to work on more in the future.

I have been reading a lot of fashion magazine, most recently POP and I-D, so been trying to take influence from some of the ideas from shot in there. I have also been working with a styliast for some of the shoots. I will have one to put up from the other day, a geek/chic kinda look.

I love the look of the golden late afternoon sun, here it is being used as a catch light for the hair on Abi. It was a really fun shoot, thanks to Abi for doing it, expect big things from her in the future.

I managed to do two update on this in a week, pretty good going for me! I have lots more photos waiting to go up, so check back soon.

5 Responses to “Abi Penhale – Location shoot”

  1. Joe Smalley Says:

    Damnn… pretty girl! First shot lovely low-saturated colours… third shot great composition

  2. Ed Says:

    Thanks Joe, good to see you shooting again too

  3. Dave Penhale Says:

    Good pics…Abi’s looks are clearly in the genes

  4. zowie Says:

    hi, i am trying to get a portfolio of photography together, as i am applying to uni this year. i was wondering if there are any tips you could give me?? your photos are amazing and have really inspired me. thank you Zowie

  5. Ed Says:

    I will drop you an email Zowie