D1 Models website

Abi Penhale on D1 website

D1 Modelling Agency in London have featured some of my photos on the front page of their website. You can check them out on the D1 website. The Model is Abi Penhale, you can find some previous posts from shoots with her here too.

I have a shoot to put up on the blog which are featured on the D1 website based on the ‘Rock Chic’ theme. I will try and get that up later this week.

2 Responses to “D1 Models website”

  1. Beverly Eckert Says:

    I just found your blog following a link, it’s nice, but I hope you can update it more often, hehe, because the information that you have here is quite interesting. Keep going!

  2. Ed Says:

    Thanks I need to find more time to update it you’re right!