My photography portfolio update

I have been working on an updated portfolio for a while now. I have just set it live so please go take a look! It is designed to be easy to use and allows 3 different ways of navigating between photos as follows:

  • Photo thumbnails
  • Slideshow which can be started or stopped at any point by clicking play/pause
  • By clicking on the left or right of the current photo to go the next/previous photo

Hopefully that covers the most common ways of navigating between pictures and is user friendly. The portfolio uses Flash to display the pictures, but uses permalinks to allow people to bookmark individual photograph pages.

Here’s a screen shot of it:

Photography portfolio screen shot

The actual pictures have been updated to with my latest work. Hopefully the pictures will look good at any screen size. Please feel free to leave any comments on the new look, good or bad! Click here to see it or the screen shot above.

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