Headshot & portrait with Lucy Walters

Portrait head (hair up) shot for Spotlight

Head shot session with actor Lucy Walters for use in Spotlight, the premier actor’s listing directory. A simple 2 light set-up was used to capture her head shot, it was then cropped to the 10×8″ required for Spotlight (has been shown here at the original crop though). I shot several different angles and with hair up and down to give a variety of looks.

Portrait head shot (hair down) for Spotlight

I am now living and working in Shoreditch, East London having moved from Oxford at long last! I have quite a few exciting projects in the pipe line, more information on them soon!

One Response to “Headshot & portrait with Lucy Walters”

  1. Dr Chris Walters Says:

    If you are Lucy Walters where is your parentage from?
    What family line do you follow?
    I am the keeper of the Walters of Gelli Pistyll line but Lucy
    Walter(s)of Roche Castle, mother of James, Duke of Monmouth was an ancestor