Church House lecture for Oxford University

The Oxford London Lecture at Church House, Westminster London

At the start of February I took photos of The Oxford London Lecture for Oxford University. The lecture was held in Church House, Westminster London. The hall really is stunning and was a great venue for the lecture on ‘The Gene Revolution’ by Professor Peter Donnelly. I was glad that I had brought my Sigma 10mm fisheye lens to capture the grandeur of the hall.

The Oxford London Lecture at Church House, Westminster London

Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times led a discussion on the implications of the Gene Revolution after the lecture.

Working on events such as this you have to try and make yourself as un-noticed by the audience as possible. Despite there being very little ambient light I didn’t use flash, which meant in order to get sharp shots I was generally using ISO 1600+ and lenses wide open at F/2.8 or F/1.8. Using a tripod or monopod is really helpful when trying to get sharp shots when shooting long shots such as the one above. (ISO 1600, f/2.8 at 1/90 second with Canon 70-200mm L lens). Flashes can be very distracting to the audience, and using only available light keeps the ambience of the room.

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  1. PK Says:

    stunning pics dude

  2. akbar rathore Says:

    very beautiful and intelligent university in the world.