Bangkok – Thailand

Kids play in fountain in Lumpini Park

This is my first post of my trip, I am away for 3 weeks in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I have been to Thailand before, but had always wanted to come back and experience Vietnam and Cambodia, much smaller and less developed nations. After a few problems leaving London; leaving my debit card at my flat then having to go back and get it nearly missing my flight I made in to Bangkok. I even managed their public transport to get to my hotel without getting the wrong tube once! I met up with a friend I had my in New Zealand who is now out here teaching.

Street worker welding

The next day I wondered around Lumpini Park which is nearby my hotel and was surprisingly large, clean and beautiful, not something I had expected to see in the middle of Bangkok! There was lot of wildlife too.

Bird in Lumpini Park

Reptile in Lumpini Park

Overloaded motor bike

It was strange to find this oasis in the midst of the dirty, crazy noisy, busy bustle of Bangkok.

Traffic in Bangkok

The traffic is Bangkok is awful but exciting!


The next morning we got up early to cross the border into Cambodia. I would like to write more, but I only have a few minutes before I am heading out for dinner. Pictures from Cambodia day one soon!

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