Phnom Penh streets – Cambodia

Monk walking in the street at a monastery in night in Phnom PenhLocal insect based snacks in Phon Phen

One of the many delights/horrors of Cambodia is the street food. You can an assortment of insects and other strange creepy crawlies to snack on. This was one of the selections on the way into Phnom Penh.

Street BBQ fish

There are BBQs everywhere and almost everything looks amazing.

Locals playing chess on the streets of Phon Phen

Locals playing chess in the street outside a monastery



Many men in Cambodia will be a monk at least once in their life, obviously spiritual reasons being the main driver, but also as it is a way to get an education without having to pay. With many of the people still coming from small village farms this is invaluable. Monks are treated with the upmost respect and you often see people praying to them in the street.

Roof top long exposure

This was the view from the rooftop of our hotel, the next day we headed to the coast.


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