A weekend in Scotland


At the end of last year I visited Scotland with some friends, I had previously only visited Scotland for the day, and this time wasn’t much longer, but I did spend a long weekend in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding area. After arriving in Glasgow we drove up to Loch Lomond.


By this point the famous Scottish rain had really set in by this point and had swelled the normally tranquil waterfall to this raging torrent of brown water.



One of the oddities  of Glasgow is the Necropolis, essentially a huge graveyard which was built in the 1800s, a very highly prosperous period in Glasgow’s history where vast sums would be paid to build elaborate tomb stones and monuments to the cities great and good on their death. It is perched on a hill overlooking the similarly shaped and coloured tower block of Glasgow and is quite a eerie place to walk around. Scotland is somewhere I want to spend a lot more time, so many beautiful places to photograph.

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