Spain BMX trip September 2016 – part 1

In September I headed to Spain to chase the sun and ride bikes. The temperature was a perfect 25 degrees or so every day and the beer was cheap and chilled. The local skate park near where we were staying is flood lit until 4am, with a cafe serving pizza and beers next door. The beach is a 5 minute roll away, pretty good setup. Seemingly every other train station on the way into Malaga has a good skatepark.

I had seen this pool in various videos over the years and so it was amazing to go and get to actually check it out. When we arrived it was full of water seemingly not haven been ridden since the previous year. After an afternoon bucketing the rancid water with anything that came to hand, hauling it up the side of the pool with rope it was finally emptied. I expected us to find something pretty grim at the bottom, but no bodies were found in the end.

It is hard to describe how hard this thing is to ride. It has a brutal ledge at the bottom of it and then gets pretty steep then chucks you back down into the ledge again.

Scooping and sweeping out the pool

More cleaning

Pool cleaning operation complete

Pat enjoying the transition…

Steve fufanu on the pool, the way back in is super steep and curved

This set of hips was massive, the roll in is a hill with speed jumps going down it. Steve Devine wasn’t afraid and blasted to the sun.

The Etnies team were also around filming for the next video, Steve just got on and fired out huge tables with them

Inside the ruins of a villa

More photos to come…

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