Spain BMX trip September 2016 – Part 2

There’s so much good stuff to ride in Spain. Away from bucketing out rancid pools we also visited some trails and skate parks in and around Malaga. Steve was killing these trails.



Grant blasting a table.

While at this park a kid tried to rob Grant mini-megaphone by just sitting down on the bench next to it and just putting it in his bag. Luckily someone noticed and he was called out on it. This kid had some balls to try and nick it with 10 people stood next to him…

In the middle of Malaga there are these huge drainage ditches and banks. Pat lays a table


Team work to rescue a ball from the toxic sludge


Another place I was really excited to visit was this run off from a reservoir, having seen numerous pictures and videos from it over the years. The scale of it is hard to comprehend.

Man like Ken

Hard at it


Team work

Views over Malaga.

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