Beauty shots with experimental make-up

Beauty shot with model and arm in air

It’s always fun to experiment with new ideas and styles. A local Oxford make-up artist and I did a test with a model recently to try out some interesting and different make-up ideas.

Beauty portrait with moving blurred silk cloth

To add another element to the shoot I introduced a silk cloth which I asked the model to flick across her face. It’s quite hit and miss but if you carefully time your shots and are patient you can get some really interesting photographs. In this shot you can see that the face is in focus but the silk is not, this keeps the attention on the model.

Beauty portrait with moving blurred silk cloth

After doing several shots like this I then dropped the silk from above the model’s head to give a different effect.

Beauty portrait with moving blurred silk cloth, from side on

Again it is really just repeating the same process with many poses to get photos which work!

Emma applying make-up on a model

The make up being applied by Emma before the shoot

Beauty shot with extreme make-up

The last make-up look was quite bold so I wanted a strong look from the model to go with it. All these shots were lit with oneĀ  Elinchrom 250 mono-block and a shoot through umbrella, a white reflector to the right of the model andĀ  a silver reflector below the models face to acheive a very even, flawless skin tone.

3 Responses to “Beauty shots with experimental make-up”

  1. madhumita saikia Says:

    very smooth , tidy fantasy on classic make up

  2. katrina garcia Says:

    hi. very nice picture. what make up did you use? just ordinary eyeshadow?

  3. Ed Says:

    Sorry I couldn’t tell you, I leave that up to the make-up artist