Invisible Vegas gig at 02 Academy Oxford

Bass Player

I used to do a lot of gig photography, it was always good to go see bands for free and take photos at the same time. I haven’t done so much since moving back to Oxford, but I still do the odd gig. One of the guys I used to ride bikes with is now in a band asked me to do some gig photos of them and some shots of the band.


The venue was the Oxford 02 academy, a venue I have been to a lot before but never to take photos.


The lighting as usual seemed to involve vast amounts of red light and not a lot else… I have tried to show the more interesting, differently lit shots on here, but I have hundreds of pure red shots from the night.


I will be putting up the band group pictures in the week, we had a really cool location to shoot them at so can’t wait to put them up!

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